Quality Control Department

Each person involved in making a product is responsible for making it a quality product. The Quality Departments exist as an audit function within the manufacturing and packaging areas.

The responsibilities for QC are as follows:

  • Approve sampling instructions, specifications, test methods and other quality control procedures.
  • Testing of in process quality control and post production necessary testing.
  • Testing and record maintenance of flock profiles.
  • Virus isolation and characterization from susceptible samples.
  • Culture sensitivity testing of susceptible samples.
  • Ensure that the required initial and continuing training of quality control personnel is carried out and adapted according to need.
  • Perform all the required tests to ensure identity, purity, potency and composition, and to ensure that products are not contaminated or adulterated.
  • Moreover, Approve or reject all procedures, specifications, methods, results, all raw materials, packaging materials, labeling and finished products. Review of all production records for accuracy and completeness before approving for distribution and establish procedures for revising procedures, formulas, etc are the key futures of ottoman Pharma Quality Control Department.